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Taiston tie


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1. Taiston tie  
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2. Kohti pohjoista  
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3. The Tale of the Blacksmith  
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4. Rae  
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Recorded at Turisas rehearsal room. Mixed by Turisas.
Music to 1 & 4 by Nygård, 2 & 3 by Nygård / Kärkkäinen.

From Turisas' website:
"Our first recording which was actually done under the early band name Köyliö. Recorded live through a Roland 8-track mixer at our rehearsal room, hand copied to C-cassettes and was given out just to a few friends. At this stage we didn't have a bass player so there is no bass track at all on the recording. Taiston Tie deals with the same Thirty Years War -theme as Rex Regi Rebellis (Battle Metal, 2004) and was actually the first version of the idea, even if these two songs are musically completely different. Rae (hailstone) was named just before printing the covers, the earlier project-name "Jää-kristalli-ihmemies-McGyver" sounded somewhat silly".

Tracklist translation:
1. The Battle Path
2. Towards the North
4. Grain

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