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The Re-Masters

Judas Priest

Boxed set
Release date:
May 2001
Catalog ID:
502140 2
Version desc.:
Remastered, Limited Edition
Columbia Records
None yet
1. Sin After Sin 47:46   Show disc notes
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2. Stained Class 54:18   Show disc notes
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3. Killing Machine 45:58   Show disc notes
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4. Unleashed in the East 44:49   Show disc notes
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Miscellaneous staff
Jon Astley Remastering
Jon Astley Remastering
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Limited Edition Collectors Box includes the remastered Sin After Sin, Stained Class, Killing Machine and Unleashed in the East CDs, all with bonus tracks. The box comes with a unique deluxe 24 page colour booklet telling the story of the band, many archive pictures and has a space for the other 8 re-masters to make up the complete boxed set.

Bonus on CD 1
9. Race with The Devil (The Gun cover)
10. Jawbreaker

Bonus on CD 2
10. Fire Burns Below
11. Better by You, Better Than Me (Spooky Tooth cover)

Bonus on CD 3
12. Fight for Your Life
13. Riding On The Wind

Bonus on CD 4
10. Rock Forever
11. Delivering the Goods
12. Hell Bent for Leather
13. Starbreaker


Barcode: 5099750214022

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