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Job for a Cowboy

Release date:
May 15th, 2007
Catalog ID:
Metal Blade Records
21 reviews (avg. 62%)
1. Bearing the Serpent's Lamb 02:50   Show lyrics
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2. Reduced to Mere Filth 02:59   Show lyrics
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3. Altered from Catechization 04:15   Show lyrics
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4. Upheaval 02:35   instrumental
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5. Embedded 03:35   Show lyrics
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6. Strings of Hypocrisy 02:25   Show lyrics
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7. Martyrdom Unsealed 02:36   Show lyrics
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8. Blasphemy 01:42   instrumental
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9. The Divine Falsehood 04:26   Show lyrics
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10. Coalescing Prophecy 03:26   Show lyrics
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Band members
Jonny Davy Vocals
Bobby Thompson Guitars
Ravi Bhadriraju Guitars
Brent Riggs Bass
Elliott Sellers Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Cory Spotts Producer, Engineering
Andy Sneap Mixing, Mastering
Dennis Sibeijn Artwork, Layout, Design
Cory Spotts Producer, Engineering
Andy Sneap Mixing, Mastering
Dennis Sibeijn Artwork, Layout, Design
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Genesis is a concept album based around the VeriChip, a legalized microchip that can be implanted to keep track of one's medical records, currency, location and other personal details.

Music videos were made for the songs "Embedded" and "Altered from Catechization".

Recording information:

Recorded at Bluelight Audio Media (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Mixed & mastered at Backstage Productions (Ripley, Derbyshire, England, UK)


Barcode: 0 3984-14614-2 8

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