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You Don't Know the Life

Jamie Saft / Steve Swallow / Bobby Previte

Release date:
January 25th, 2019
Catalog ID:
RareNoise Records
None yet
1. Re:Person I Knew 04:30  
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2. Dark Squares 05:41  
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3. Water from Breath 04:22  
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4. You Don't Know the Life 06:09  
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5. Ode to a Green Frisbee 02:12  
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6. The Cloak 04:19  
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7. Stable Manifold 03:16  
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8. The Break of the Flat Land 03:56  
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9. Moonlight in Vermont 03:07  
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10. Alfie 03:37  
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Bobby Previte
Bobby Previte Drums
Steve Swallow
Steve Swallow Bass
Jamie Saft
Jamie Saft Organ, Harpsichord
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Recording information:

Recorded January 2018 at Sear Sound, NY

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