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James Byrd > Atlantis Rising
James Byrd - Atlantis Rising
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Atlantis Rising

James Byrd

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Shrapnel Records
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1. Into the Light 04:40  
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2. Let It Out 04:42  
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3. After the Fire 03:52  
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4. Fallen Warrior 04:56  
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5. Angel of Mercy 06:15  
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6. Driven by Desire 04:41  
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7. Eye of the Storm 03:19  
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8. Remember Love 03:58  
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9. Bay of Rainbows 07:19   instrumental
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10. Fly to the Sun 03:49  
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The band on this album was originally called "Atlantis". Recorded in late 1989, Byrd's 2nd album was released in Japan and Europe to critical acclaim in 1990 on the Apollon and Road Runner labels, respectively.

Although slated for release on Shrapnel Records in the U.S. in 1990, a lawsuit between label president Mike Varney and his distributor left Byrd's album undistributed in boxes for an entire year while ads ran claiming it's availability.

Featuring the same melodic writing style that won critical acclaim for Fifth Angel, the album was a strong seller in Japan and Europe. "James Byrd's Atlantis Rising" charted at #14 in Asia, and was a top 20 metal release in European territories.

The album marked Byrd's first instrumental track, "Bay of Rainbows", a majestic anthem featuring backwards guitars and soaring melodies. The album is now out of print.

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