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Ivanhoe > Visions and Reality
Ivanhoe - Visions and Reality
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Symbols of Time
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Symbols of Time

Visions and Reality


Release date:
Catalog ID:
WMMS 050
Music Is Intelligence
1 review (avg. 72%)
1. Visions... 01:27   instrumental
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2. Deeper Ground 08:11   Show lyrics
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3. Left Alone 04:22   Show lyrics
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4. Fallen Reasons 06:26   Show lyrics
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5. Miracles of a Master's Child 05:42   Show lyrics
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6. Eternal Light 06:14   Show lyrics
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7. Written in Stone 03:54   Show lyrics
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8. Wait 05:30   Show lyrics
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9. Into the Realm of Unknown 07:16   Show lyrics
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10. Rebellion and Indecision 04:14   Show lyrics
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11. ... and Reality 01:38   instrumental
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Band members
Giovanni Soulas Bass
Chuck Schuler Guitars
Lars Hörnig Drums
Markus Britsch Keyboards
Andy B. Franck Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Peter Wustmann Producer
Peter Wustmann Producer
Read Textured and talented, if... 72% autothrall April 9th, 2012

Reissued on Avalanche Records in 1996.

Music video was made for song "Deeper Ground".

Recording information:

Recorded at Roxanne studio.

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