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Iron Monkey / Our Problem

Iron Monkey

Boxed set
Release date:
May 25th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Earache Records
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1. Iron Monkey 43:43  
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2. Our Problem 01:04:39  
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Miscellaneous staff
Steve Watson Liner notes
Summer Lacy Layout
Steve Watson Liner notes
Summer Lacy Layout
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Previously (in 1999) released by Earache Records as 2CD Special Limited Edition (cat. # MOSH 207 CDG) for Germany market, without bonuses.

Released as 2CD Box Set in UK (cat. # MOSH207CDX) and USA (cat. # MOSH2071), with bonuses:

CD1: "Iron Monkey" + "Cornucopia" (Black Sabbath cover) taken from "Masters Of Misery - Black Sabbath: The Earache Tribute", 1995 (cat. # MOSH 100A)
CD2: "Our Problem" + "Sleep To Win", "Arsonaut", "Kiss Of Death" (C.O.C. cover) taken from "We've Learned Nothing" EP, Man's Ruin Records, 1999

An error was made printing the CD's themselves; the s/t CD is surfaced as "Our Problem", and the Our Problem CD is surfaced as "Iron Monkey".

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