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Iron Maiden - The Story So Far Part I
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The Story So Far Part II

The Story So Far Part I

Iron Maiden

Boxed set
Release date:
October 9th, 1995
Catalog ID:
CDEM 1570/CDEM 1571/CDEM 1572/CDEM 1573/CDEM 1573
1000 copies
1 review (avg. 100%)
1. Iron Maiden   Show disc notes
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2. Killers   Show disc notes
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3. The Number of the Beast   Show disc notes
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4. Piece of Mind   Show disc notes
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5. Powerslave   Show disc notes
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Read Metric Ton of Bonus Material 100% Symphony_Of_Terror March 19th, 2004

Each CD includes a bonus CD that includes the B-sides of the singles from each album.

All are picture CD's in a double jewel case with original booklets and inner back covers displaying Bonus CD tracklistings and catalog over "The X Factor" artwork.

Copies were only sold through HMV store in UK.


Barcode: 7 24383 58682 0
Barcode: 7 24383 58692 9
Barcode: 7 24383 58702 5
Barcode: 7 24383 58712 4
Barcode: 7 24383 58722 3

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