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Invocator > Promotion Tape '92
Invocator - Promotion Tape '92
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Promotion Tape '92


Release date:
November 1992
Catalog ID:
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1. Doomed to Be 03:53  
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2. Land of Misery 03:39  
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3. Lost at Birth 02:33  
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All lyrics by P.M. Jensen

Professionally printed, two-sided demo cover with dark blue lettering.

Professional, black studio cassette tapes.

Liner notes from the inside of the demo cover:

...First of all this is not a demo, not an advance tape either. This tape has been done to show that Invocator still exists, and NEVER has been on the edge of a breakup.

Since the debut-album "Excursion Demise" a lot of things have happened to the band.

Yet again a couple of line-up changes have been made. Most recent was the split with longtime guitarist Jakob Schultz, which came about after the Roskilde festival gig in June.

This gave formerbassist Carsten "Perle" Hansen the chance to work with his original instrument, the guitar. A new bassist was therefore recruited in shape of Per Jakobsen who used to play in various local bands.

These changes were the bands will, and believe me, the only real and serious choice.

Hopefully this promo-tape will give you an in-depth look at what Invocator is about right now. Recorded on a 16-track at our rehearsalplace, it seems pretty absurd that the sound is better than "Excursion...".

The next album will be done as soon as possible, and with the new line-up:


Recording information:

Recorded and mixed during the first week of November 1992.

Engineered by J. Hansen.

Produced and mixed by Invocator.

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