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Where Death Will Increase 1991-1994


Release date:
January 2010
Catalog ID:
Sleazy027 / Morbid005
Necroharmonic Productions
None yet
1. Intro 01:09   instrumental
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2. Morbid Death 05:27   Show lyrics
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3. Infestering Flesh 05:06   Show lyrics
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4. Cranial Putrefaction 04:41   Show lyrics
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5. Intro 00:45   instrumental
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6. Where Death Will Increase 05:21   Show lyrics
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7. Human Dissection 03:52   Show lyrics
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8. A Waste of a Good Suffering 05:00   Show lyrics
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9. Forward to the Unknown 03:51   Show lyrics
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10. The Final Chapter 04:41   Show lyrics
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11. Shall Evil Unfold 03:57   Show lyrics
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12. Enchanting the Weeper 04:38   Show lyrics
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13. In Silent Darkness 05:18   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
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Daryl Kahan Mastering, Layout
Roy Fox Layout
Christophe "Volvox" Szpajdel Logo
Daryl Kahan Mastering, Layout
Roy Fox Layout
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Co-produced with Morbid Wrath Records.

Tracks 1-4: "Where Death Will Increase" demo 1991.
Tracks 5-9: "Forward to the Unknown" demo 1992.
Tracks 10-13: "The Final Chapter" demo 1994.

Contains a video for "Infestering Flesh".

Liner notes contain a biography, interview, and a multitude of rare photos as well as full lyrics for all demos.

Recording information:

Tracks 1-4: recorded at Sunlight studio, February 9-10 1991.
Tracks 5-9: recorded at Gorysound, June 18-19 1992.
Tracks 10-13: recorded at Unisound, March 5-6 1994.
"Infestering Flesh" video: recorded and edited in Avesta, April-May 1992.

Mastered at Winterdark studio, 2009.


Barcode: none
Matrix code: CA / WWW.DGRINC.COM - 1316 INTERMENT - 39255
SID code: none

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