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To the Depths, in Degradation


Release date:
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Moribund Records
8 reviews (avg. 94%)
1. To the Depths (in Degradation) 05:11   Show lyrics
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2. Chamber of Reunion 06:41   Show lyrics
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3. Braded into Palsy 04:33   Show lyrics
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4. Epicurean Entrails 05:42   Show lyrics
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5. A Viscidy Slippery Secretion 05:06   Show lyrics
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6. A Higher Art of Immutable Beauty 06:23   Show lyrics
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7. Clouding of Consciousness 04:34   Show lyrics
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8. Excoriation Killz the Bliss 05:34   Show lyrics
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9. Mephetic Exhumation 07:34   Show lyrics
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10. Outro 02:28  
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Band members
Todd S. Bass
DJ D. Drums, Vocals (backing)
Jason O. Guitars, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Zach Engineering
Chris Campbell Artwork
Odin Thompson Producer
Todd S. Bass
DJ D. Drums, Vocals (backing)
Jason O. Guitars, Vocals
Zach Engineering
Chris Campbell Artwork
Odin Thompson Producer
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The "Outro" track is unlisted on the CD back cover.

This release features three logos: the one printed on the disc already appears on their EP, another can be found in the booklet, while the third is on the front cover.

Layout by Analog Design.

Recording information:

Recorded at Electric Eel.
Co-engineered by Infester.
Co-produced by Moribund Records.


Barcode: 7 68586-0006-2 2
Matrix / Runout: RNR-0826-1 MADE IN TAIWAN 940826(13) 60670XK1

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