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Infernal Kingdom > The Black Throne of Hell
Infernal Kingdom - The Black Throne of Hell
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The Black Throne of Hell

Infernal Kingdom

Release date:
December 2008
Catalog ID:
Frenteuropa Records
None yet
1. Introspecção 01:00  
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2. The Black Throne of Hell 05:28   Show lyrics
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3. Buried in Blasphemy 04:57   Show lyrics
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4. Demonic Visions, the Eyes of Death 03:45   Show lyrics
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5. Hedonism 03:47   Show lyrics
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6. Pentagram of Baphomet 03:21  
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7. Blessed Spell from the Darkness 04:36  
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8. Satan's Cult 03:38  
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9. The Last Master's Mark 04:47  
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10. Na Sombra da Luz 05:15  
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Naamah Satana Vocals
King Demogorgon Guitars, Bass, Songwriting
Luís Barroso Drums (studio, live)
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Released by Frenteuropa Records (Prt) in vinyl (100 copies).
Released by Herege Warfare Productions in tape format limited to 333 copies.

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