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Guests of the Infernal Pit


Release date:
December 6th, 2004
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Nuclear War Now! Productions
7" vinyl (45 RPM)
800 copies
1 review (avg. 60%)
Side A
1. Intro - Domine Satanas, Rex Infernus, Imperator Omnipotens 00:41  
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2. Lucifer Spewing Blasphemies 01:15  
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Side B
3. Malediction 02:03  
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4. Guests of the Infernal Pit 02:15  
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Band members
Ron Seth Bass
Ram Priest Vocals
Angel Abyss Drums
Shub Niggurath Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Mark Reategui Artwork
Ron Seth Bass
Ram Priest Vocals
Angel Abyss Drums
Shub Niggurath Guitars
Mark Reategui Artwork
Read A guest devoured by... 60% Byrgan December 17th, 2010

All songs by Impurity circa 1991
All Lyrics by Ram Priest

This 7" was originally planned to be released by Maggot. Unfortunately, the label dissolved before the 7" saw the light of day.
A deal was made with Nuclear War Now! Productions in 2003 to finally release this Black Metal gem, with all the original layout ideas from 1991.

Limited pressing of 800 copies on heavyweight 70 gram vinyl in a deluxe gatefold jacket.
Includes lyric sheet insert with liner notes and band biography and a Nuclear War Now! Productions flyer.

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