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The Legion of Chaos

Impure Essence / Nuclear Rage / Das Florestas ao Oculto / Darkenwintermoon

Release date:
January 31st, 2013
Catalog ID:
Obskure Chaos Distro
None yet
1. Nuclear Rage - Intro  
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2. Nuclear Rage - Carbonized Fucked Mind  
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3. Nuclear Rage - Suffocated Body on the Diesel Storm  
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4. Impure Essence - Visions of a Genocide  
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5. Impure Essence - Satanas (Sarc√≥fago cover)   Show lyrics
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6. Das Florestas ao Oculto - Das Misantropias aos Insanos e Agonizantes Sussurros  
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7. Das Florestas ao Oculto - Astral Light  
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8. Das Florestas ao Oculto - Caosfera  
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9. Darkenwintermoon - Dark Sky  
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10. Darkenwintermoon - Midnight  
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Impure Essence
Luvarth All instruments, Vocals
Nuclear Rage
Superion Wolf Kommander All instruments, Vocals
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