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Imperador Belial > Heresy, Blasphemy, Apostasy...
Imperador Belial - Heresy, Blasphemy, Apostasy...
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Heresy, Blasphemy, Apostasy...

Imperador Belial

Release date:
April 24th, 2014
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Pro CD-R, Limited edition
Obskure Chaos Distro
100 copies
None yet
1. Antichristian War (2011)   Show lyrics
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2. Journey Back to Hell (2011)   Show lyrics
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3. Lustful Sin (2011)   Show lyrics
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4. Black Alcoholic Vomit (2011)   Show lyrics
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5. Funeral of God (Live 2012)   Show lyrics
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6. Black Alcoholic Vomit (Live 2012)   Show lyrics
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7. Exaltation (2001)   Show lyrics
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8. Credo Negro (Outro - 2001)   Show lyrics
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