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Decade of Decadence

Impaled Nazarene

Release date:
November 30th, 2000
Catalog ID:
OPCD 108
Osmose Productions
1 review (avg. 60%)
1. Intro 00:15  
  (loading lyrics...)
2. Condemned to Hell 03:33   Show lyrics
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3. The Crucified 01:06   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Disgust Suite O:P I 00:14  
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5. Morbid Fate 03:34   Show lyrics
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6. Disgust Suite O:P II 00:16  
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7. Worms in Rectum 01:10  
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8. Conned Thru Life (Extreme Noise Terror cover) 00:59   Show lyrics
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9. Crucifixation (Deicide cover) 02:58   Show lyrics
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10. Nuctemeron of Necromanteion 00:32   Show lyrics
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11. Condemned to Hell 03:24   Show lyrics
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12. Impurity of Dawn 00:31  
  (loading lyrics...)
13. The Crucifed 01:02   Show lyrics
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14. Infernus 00:38  
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15. Morbid Fate 03:09   Show lyrics
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16. Ave Satanas 00:28   Show lyrics
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17. In the Name of Satan 00:42   Show lyrics
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18. Fall to Fornication 00:34  
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19. Damnation (Raping the Angels) 04:20   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
20. Noisrevrep Taog 03:00  
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21. In the Name of Satan 00:41   Show lyrics
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22. Noisrevrep Eht Retfa 00:30  
  (loading lyrics...)
23. Damnation (Raping the Angels) 03:50   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
24. The Black Vomit (Sarcófago cover) 02:05   Show lyrics
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25. Ghost Riders (Stan Jones cover) 02:40   Show lyrics
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26. Sadogoat 03:08   Show lyrics
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27. I Am the Killer of Trolls 01:47   Show lyrics
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28. Kill Yourself (S.O.D. cover) 02:03   Show lyrics
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29. Burst Command 'Til War (Sodom cover) 02:25   Show lyrics
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30. Nuclear Metal Retaliation 01:54   Show lyrics
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31. Instrumental I 01:50   instrumental
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32. Instrumental II 03:20   instrumental
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33. Instrumental III 02:37   instrumental
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Miscellaneous staff
Mika Jussila Remastering
Janne Peltonen Layout
Mika Jussila Remastering
Janne Peltonen Layout
Read Meh... 60% Snxke July 11th, 2004

Compiles the band's demos, EPs, and rare/unreleased tracks.

All pictures come from IN own collections.

Warning: Osmose CD presses dating from February 2001 up to around 2005 may
contain a copy-protection method which renders the CD completely unreadable in
PCs and certain modern Hi-Fi systems. This isn't indicated anywhere on the

Recording information:

Tracks 1-9 from SHEMHAMFORASH demo
Recorded by Eero Vuolukka in late February 1991.

Tracks 10-19 from TAOG EHT FO HTAO EHT demo
Recorded at Tico Tico Studio by Ahti Kortelainen in early August 1991.

Tracks 20-24 from GOAT PERVERSION 7" ep
Recorded at Tico Tico studio early September 1991 by Ahti Kortelainen.
Originally released on Nosferatu records in late Feb ´92.

Tracks 25-26 from SADOGOAT 7" ep
Recorded at Tico Tico studio by Ahti Kortelainen in October 1992.

Tracks 27-28 were a result of a studio session
Recorded at Tico Tico studio by Ahti Kortelainen in Oct. 1996.

Tracks 29-30 are RAPTURE LP bonus tracks
Recorded at Tico Tico studio by Ahti Kortelainen in January 1998.

Tracks 31-33 were a result of a studio session:
Recorded using 8 track ADAT machine in July 1997.

This compilation was cleaned and updated soundwise at Astia studio, August 2000 by Luttinen and Anssi Kippo.

Remastered at Finnvox studio in September 2000.


Barcode: 4 001617 082720
Matrix / Runout (Version 1): Sony DADC A0100343546-0101 14 A0
Mastering SID Code (Version 1): IFPI L554
Mould SID Code (Version 1): IFPI 94K3
Matrix / Runout (Version 2): Sony DADC [Logotype] A0100365255-0101 18 A1
Mastering SID Code (Version 2): IFPI L558
Mould SID Code (Version 2): IFPI 94Z3
Rights Society: SACEM
Label Code: LC 02406

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