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Impaled Nazarene > 1999: Karmakeddon Warriors
Impaled Nazarene - 1999: Karmakeddon Warriors

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1999: Karmakeddon Warriors

Impaled Nazarene

Release date:
Catalog ID:
OPV 02
Osmose Productions
None yet
1. When All Golden Turned to Shit   Show lyrics
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2. Interlude  
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3. 1999: Karmakeddon Warriors   Show lyrics
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Band members
Slutti666 Vocals
Repe Misanthrope Drums
Onraj 9mm Guitars
Jani Lehtosaari Bass
Miscellaneous staff
David Palser Director, Producer
David Palser Director, Producer
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Recording information:

Directed and produced in London during March 1996 for Osmose Productions.

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