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And So It Burns


Release date:
September 22nd, 2000
Catalog ID:
MAS CD0261
Massacre Records
4 reviews (avg. 81%)
1. Intro 01:02   instrumental
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2. Chaos to Murder 03:48   Show lyrics
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3. Fallen One 03:24   Show lyrics
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4. My Dominion 03:49   Show lyrics
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5. Atrocity 04:23   Show lyrics
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6. Hell 05:21   Show lyrics
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7. It Burns 03:42   Show lyrics
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8. Annihilate 04:00   Show lyrics
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9. Darkness Has Come 03:31   Show lyrics
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10. Fade Away 16:31   Show lyrics
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Band members
Michael Dargis Bass
Steve Rice Guitars
Henry Moreno Drums
David Michael Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Uwe Lulis Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Dino Alden Producer
Uwe Lulis Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Dino Alden Producer
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Read Total kick-assery 86% Madsorceror February 18th, 2006
Read It's about time Bay Area... 86% PowerMetalGuardian February 11th, 2003
Read Could Be Better... 74% Madman December 31st, 2002

"Fade Away" lasts 8:40, but it is followed by a few seconds of silence and a hidden song afterwards.

Recording information:

Recorded at Prairie Suns Studio
Producer: Uwe Lulis and Imagika
Engineer: Uwe Lulis


Barcode: 4028466102614

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