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Ignis Gehenna > Revelations of Sinister Rebirth
Ignis Gehenna - Revelations of Sinister Rebirth
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Ignis Gehenna discography (all)
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Revelations of Sinister Rebirth

Ignis Gehenna

Release date:
April 30th, 2010
Catalog ID:
MACD 005
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Misanthropic Art Productions
500 copies
None yet
1. Condemnation of the Flesh : The First Offering 08:19   Show lyrics
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2. Dissection of the Spirit : Key to the Gate 02:10   instrumental
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3. Sacrifice of the Essence : The Second Offering 05:24   Show lyrics
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4. Release unto Him : The Great Catharsis 03:28   instrumental
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5. Killing of the Mind : The Third Offering 06:04   Show lyrics
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Band members
Nihilifer Vocals, All instruments
Damios Lyrics
Miscellaneous staff
Perversor Artwork, Layout
Nihilifer Vocals, All instruments
Damios Lyrics
Perversor Artwork, Layout
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Pro-cassette by Seance Records.

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