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Ifernach > Four Fatal Amulets
Ifernach - Four Fatal Amulets
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Four Fatal Amulets


Release date:
March 1st, 2021
Catalog ID:
Tour de Garde
250 copies
None yet
1. The Ice Shield 06:48  
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2. The Lietuven 09:21  
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3. The Silver Medallion 06:03  
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4. The Slavic Stone 03:24  
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5. Prelude To The Land Of Ice 04:36  
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Labelled as a follow-up to "The Green Enchanted Forest Of The Druid Wizard" and a precursor to a fiction book by the artist with the same name as this release.
Pre-orders included two inserts with information regarding the concept of the release and information about the main four songs.
While the artist stated there would be no digital version of this release, a card was enclosed with a link to a digital download which expires 30 days from the release date.
The fifth track is unlisted on the disc packaging. It is also not included in the artist's digital download.

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