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Iconoclast > Обличение загробной утопии
Iconoclast - Обличение загробной утопии

Обличение загробной утопии


Release date:
March 3rd, 2013
Catalog ID:
Electrica 004
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Electrica Caelestis
500 copies
None yet
1. Обличение загробной утопии 05:17   Show lyrics
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2. Доскопоклонное право 03:47   Show lyrics
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3. Мертвоточение лика небесного 05:46   Show lyrics
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4. Миропоражение 01:19  
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5. Чернейшей души моей признание 05:39   Show lyrics
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6. Морфология преднамеренного погребения 04:54   Show lyrics
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7. Саморазложение Бога 05:01   Show lyrics
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8. Обречение на печаль безутешную 05:42   Show lyrics
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The album title means "Denunciation of Utopia Beyond the Grave" in english.

Translation of the song titles (taken from the band's Facebook)
1. Denunciation of Utopia Beyond the Grave
2. Entitlement To Worship the Wooden Panels
3. Dead Flesh Gnawing of the Divine Image
4. Worldefeat
5. My Blacker-Than-Black Soul's Declaration
6. Premeditated Interment Morphology
7. Self-Decomposition of God
8. Doom For Inconsolable Grief

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