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I Refuse > Her Tear
I Refuse - Her Tear

I Refuse discography (all)
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Her Tear

I Refuse

Release date:
December 17th, 2019
Catalog ID:
1 review (avg. 74%)
1. Klątwa 03:21  
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2. Plague Lady 03:33  
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3. Her Tear 03:36  
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4. Undine 02:36  
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5. Pogrzebany 02:46  
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6. Świnka Pepa 02:11  
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7. Nie było 02:27  
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8. Ból 02:25  
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9. Iłża 02:00  
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Czarny Drums
Wujo Guitars
Killer Bass
Read Sincere, authentic and... 74% Tomek8754 May 30th, 2022

The album tells stories and legends of the Radom region. In addition, it contains four refreshed songs from previous demo versions.

Recording information:

The album was recorded in Jaskinia Dźwięków Studio in Radom. Recorded for an oldschool hundred - drums + amplifiers in one room. Added to this was the guitar and vocal doubles. No quantization or autotune - #makemetalgreatagain

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