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Human Waste > Twelve Years of Depression
Human Waste - Twelve Years of Depression

Human Waste discography (misc)
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Human Waste / Obscure
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Human Waste / Obscure

Twelve Years of Depression

Human Waste

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Hallucination Zine
1000 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Beauty Also Rots  
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2. The Miracle of Death  
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3. Psychic Fear  
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4. Sacrosanctum Semen  
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5. Existential Nausea  
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6. When Gravity Acts  
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Side B
7. So Is Death  
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8. The Men and Their Lives  
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9. Not to Be  
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10. Meanness Praise  
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11. To Be Dead  
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12. Become Your Own God  
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Released in cooperation between Hallucination Zine & Immortal Noise Force.

** Tracks 1-3 taken from "The Miracle of Death" demo 1991.
** Tracks 4-6 taken from "Existential Nausea" demo 1992.
** Tracks 7-8 taken from promo tape 1993.
** Track 9 taken from inedit promo tape 1995.
** Tracks 10-12 taken from "Brothel of Souls" album 1999.

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