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Hortor > Dharma esencia de impureza
Hortor - Dharma esencia de impureza
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Dharma esencia de impureza


Release date:
June 22nd, 2018
Catalog ID:
EM Label & Distro
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1. Canticum Asaph Fortis Deus 02:16  
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2. Viejos portales de abominación (Old Gateways of Abomination) 05:59  
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3. Unción en tu presencia (Anointing in Your Presence) 05:22  
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4. Dogma de Toth (Dogma of Toth) 03:30  
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5. La belleza y perfección de tu creación (oh maestro) (The Beauty & Perfection of Your Creation, Oh Master!) 04:42  
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6. Culto a la serpiente antigua (Cult to the Ancient Serpent) 04:52  
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7. ...y legiones vienen (...and Legions Come) 03:43  
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8. Caígan todos los reinos (All the Kingdoms Fall) 03:32  
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9. Ecos de magnificencia (Echoes of Magnificence) 04:50  
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10. Dharma esencia de impureza (Dharma Essence of Impurity) 04:30  
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11. Antiguos himnos de victoria (Ancient Hymns of Victory) 04:08  
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12. Bajo el signo de lo oculto (Under the Sign of the Occult) 05:03  
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Azmaveth All instruments, Vocals
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