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Grotesque Putrified Corpses

The Slaughterhouse / Homicide Remains

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Goretomb Records
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1. Homicide Remains - Fist-Fucking Art  
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2. Homicide Remains - Going to Be a Corpse  
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3. Homicide Remains - Scalpel Homicide  
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4. The Slaughterhouse - Vaginal Secretion of the Necrosed  
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5. The Slaughterhouse - Brutal Anal Ejaculation After Death  
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6. The Slaughterhouse - Savage Mastigation of the Vaginal Excrements  
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7. The Slaughterhouse - The Quartering of Rotted Corpses and Decomposed  
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8. The Slaughterhouse - Brutal Anal Ejaculation After Death (demo)  
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The Slaughterhouse
Douglas Santos Guitars, Bass
Ed. Fábio Vocals, Drum programming
Homicide Remains
Mario Benitez Drums
Matias Capdervila Bass
Federico Gallardo Guitars
Augusto Mosquera Vocals
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