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Homicide > O Que o Cerca Está Morto
Homicide - O Que o Cerca Está Morto
Homicide discography (all)
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O Que o Cerca Está Morto


Release date:
November 9th, 2012
Catalog ID:
DETESTO009 / KYRIOS-2070-12 /CI022 /TMCD012 /CR005
Dëtëstö Records
None yet
1. Intro 00:15  
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2. Armas para a Razão 01:07  
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3. Anti-Humano 00:40  
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4. Minha Paz Não Vem da Fé 00:56  
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5. É Tudo Sobre a Informação 00:58  
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6. Sem Noção 00:40  
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7. Odeie seu Ser 01:30  
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8. Pesadelo 00:40  
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9. Estamos a Perder 01:06  
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10. Religião pra Quê? 01:19  
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11. A Lei da Obrigação 01:29  
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12. Inimigo sem Causa 00:48  
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13. Regressão Fatal 01:34  
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14. Alguem Tem que Morrer 00:33  
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15. Devastação Final 02:04  
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16. Right You Are (Napalm Death cover) 00:50  
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17. A Solução 01:15  
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18. Esperando para Explodir 01:18  
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Joint release:
Dëtëstö Records (DETESTO009), (#invalid label link ID#) (KYRIOS-2070-12), Cianeto Discos (CI022), Terceiro Mundo Chaos Discos (TMCD012), Carnificina Records (CR005), Moriguti Records (MR001).

Produced by Alexei Leão and Homicide.

Cover art by Takashi Kawasaki (

All songs by Homicide, except "Right You Are" by Napalm Death.

Guest vocals in “A Lei Da Obrigação” by Cristiano Maffra (Bandanos/Necromaster) and Thiago Nascimento (D.E.R.).

Recording information:

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexei Leão at AML Estúdio, Florianópolis / SC, July-September 2012.

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