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Holycide > Annihilate... Then Ask!
Holycide - Annihilate... Then Ask!
Holycide discography (main)
Fist to Face
Holycide discography (all)
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Fist to Face

Annihilate... Then Ask!


Release date:
February 1st, 2017
Catalog ID:
Xtreem Music
1 review (avg. 80%)
1. Afterworld Remnants 04:14   Show lyrics
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2. Annihilate... Then Ask! 04:04   Show lyrics
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3. Human's Last Dawn 04:43   Show lyrics
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4. Eager to Take Control 03:24   Show lyrics
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5. Motörhead 04:42   Show lyrics
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6. Bonebreaker 04:56   Show lyrics
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7. Deserve to Be Erased 04:47   Show lyrics
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8. Losers (Détente cover) 03:13  
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9. Leather Spikes Chains & Blood 04:20   Show lyrics
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10. Back and Forth 04:00   Show lyrics
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Band members
Dave Rotten Vocals
Miguel Bárez Guitars
Dani Fernández Bass
Jorge Utrera Drums
Salva Esteban Guitars
Juancar Guest on hooligan chorus
Miscellaneous staff
Andrei Bouzikov Artwork
Horst Type Foundry Logo
Juancar Guest on hooligan chorus
Read For a vicious thrash metal... 80% SlayerDeath666 February 28th, 2017

Official videos:
- Human's Last Dawn

Recording information:

All songs written by Holycide except "Losers" by Detente.

Recorded, mixed & mastered durimg July/August/September 2016 a Blood Cadillac Studios by Andy C

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