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Hin Onde > Shades of Solstice
Hin Onde - Shades of Solstice
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Shades of Solstice

Hin Onde

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Sol 037
Solistitium Records
None yet
1. Ukonvasara 06:09   Show lyrics
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2. Sorcery of the Nameless 04:53   Show lyrics
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3. Galdr 03:40   Show lyrics
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4. The Archaic Traveller 06:25   Show lyrics
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5. Supreme Chaos 03:39   Show lyrics
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6. Lamentations of the Wind 04:27   Show lyrics
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7. In the Forest of Mourning 05:07   Show lyrics
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8. Shades of Solstice 04:35   Show lyrics
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9. Perilous Journey 03:38   Show lyrics
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Narqath Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Jani Hytönen Vocals (clean)
Jani Loikas Bass
Wircki Keyboards
VRTX Drums, Percussion
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Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at the Cursed Studio in July 2001
Produced and mixed by JL Nokturnal
Mastered at Dragonthrone Audio by Narqath in June 2002

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