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Hills of Sefiroth > Of Disease and Desperation
Hills of Sefiroth - Of Disease and Desperation
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The Neglected Ancestry

Of Disease and Desperation

Hills of Sefiroth

Release date:
August 12th, 2004
Catalog ID:
Total Holocaust Records
None yet
1. Hymn to Supremacy 00:59  
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2. Of Disease and Desperation 10:52  
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3. Of a Cemetery and a Forgotten Throne 05:43  
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4. Unto Funereal Reign Part I 02:43  
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5. My Labrinyth of Oak and Soil 10:04  
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6. Through an Aeon Alone 04:57  
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7. Their Landscape of Stone, Flesh and Regret 05:56  
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Justin Stubbs All instruments, Vocals
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Pro cover with dubbed single-sided tape.

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