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High Heeler > Plug in the Axe - Live 2005
High Heeler - Plug in the Axe - Live 2005
High Heeler discography (all)
Power to the Chord

Plug in the Axe - Live 2005

High Heeler

Live album
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1. Marriage in Blood  
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2. Stiletto Attack  
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3. Metal Obsession  
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4. Conquerors of the Healing Axe  
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5. Medea  
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6. Bontempi Killers  
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7. Power to the Chord  
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8. Kalaschnikov  
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9. Heeling High  
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Dynamike Drums
C.C. Stiletto Guitars
Andee Overtone Guitars
Poison Poser Vocals, Bass
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Recording information:

Recorded live at the "Backstage Cafe" Wiener Neudorf on the 22nd of October 2005.
No overdubs.

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