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Hielo Negro > Altas mareas
Hielo Negro - Altas mareas
Hielo Negro discography (main)
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Hielo Negro discography (all)
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En la ruta (2001-2011)

Altas mareas

Hielo Negro

Release date:
April 2011
Catalog ID:
Proyecto Sepulcro
None yet
1. En la ruta 03:45  
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2. Déjalo ir 03:32  
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3. El elejido 04:16  
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4. Rock Salvación 02:49  
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5. Para todos es igual 02:35  
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6. Pilsoka al seco! 01:58  
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7. Hábitos nocturnos 04:09  
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8. Altas mareas 04:50   Show lyrics
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9. Renegado 02:13  
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10. No me acuerdo, no sucedió 04:03  
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11. Delirio y locura 09:02   Show lyrics
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Band members
Christian MacDonald Drums
Marcelo Palma Vocals, Guitars
Pablo Navarrete Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Pablo Navarrete Mixing
Sebastian Fernandez Cover art
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Recording information:

Recording and Mixing in february of 2011 for Pablo Navarrete in the C.F.A. studios.
Mastering byChalo Gonzáles.

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