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Silent Revenge


Release date:
July 13th, 2013
Catalog ID:
Voice Music
2 reviews (avg. 71%)
1. Silent Revenge 04:49   Show lyrics
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2. Lonely Fight 04:41   Show lyrics
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3. Deadly Vengeance 05:04   Show lyrics
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4. Walking to Death 03:50   Show lyrics
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5. Silence Will Make You Suffer 05:40   Show lyrics
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6. Shall I Keep on Burning? 04:34   Show lyrics
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7. The Place That You Belong 04:23   Show lyrics
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8. The Scream of an Angel 04:07   Show lyrics
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9. The Way It Is 08:39   Show lyrics
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10. Bleeding on My Regrets 04:17   Show lyrics
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Band members
Abel Camargo Guitars
Iuri Sanson Vocals
Eduardo Baldo Drums
Benhur Lima Bass
Renato Osório Guitars
André Meyer Vocals (additional)
Miscellaneous staff
Renato Osório Producer
André Meyer Vocals (additional)
Renato Osório Producer
Read A lower tuned, still... 82% metalandnba August 29th, 2015
Read Lacking the energy 60% Andromeda_Unchained August 28th, 2013

Licensed to Dope Entertainment (South Korea) and Magnum Music (Taiwan) by King Records. These pressings have the same track-listing as the Japanese pressing.

Music videos were made for the songs Silent Revenge, Silent Silence Will Make You Suffer and Shall I Keep on Burning?.


Barcode: 7899555003511

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