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Hexenbann > Witchcraft Goddess
Hexenbann - Witchcraft Goddess

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Witchcraft Goddess


Release date:
September 22nd, 2022
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. From the Depths of Darkness 03:23   instrumental
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2. My Rise from the Grave 05:13   Show lyrics
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3. Aquelarre 05:34   Show lyrics
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4. Moon' Slave 05:00   Show lyrics
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5. Date with the Dark 06:37   Show lyrics
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6. Cold Night of Winter 04:48   Show lyrics
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7. Winterly Sunrise 05:26   Show lyrics
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8. Dead Forest 04:52   Show lyrics
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9. Beth (Book of Monsters) 06:11  
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10. The Fall of an Empire 05:40   Show lyrics
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11. One Last Farewell 02:10   instrumental
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Thewarbass Bass, Vocals
Der Hexenmeister Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Synths
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The dialogue heard in the intro to track 9 is an excerpt from the Dark Rift Films horror film, "Book of Monsters", in which the characters Sophie and Beth talk before facing the final monster.

This song was composed while Der Hexenmeister was watching the movie as well as track 5, which also has some inspiration in it.

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