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Hetroertzen > Phosphorus Vol I
Hetroertzen - Phosphorus Vol I

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Phosphorus Vol I


Release date:
September 16th, 2022
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Listenable Records
None yet
1. The Arrival 01:54  
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2. Sea in Black 05:01  
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3. The Hall of Wonders 05:39  
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4. Absorption of the Current l 05:58  
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5. Absorption of the Current II 05:14  
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6. Vultus Satani 05:41  
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7. Et in Arcadia Ego 06:03  
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8. I Am Sickness, I Am Death 06:03  
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9. Pantokrator 07:00  
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10. The Conjuring of the Seven Spirits 05:38  
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Limited edition CD with O card and exclusive bonus track, also comes with free promo poster and postcard.

Music video:
-I Am Sickness, I Am Death

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