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Hellish > Bestial Wrath
Hellish - Bestial Wrath
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Bestial Wrath


Release date:
June 15th, 2006
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. After the Second War in Heaven (intro) 01:17  
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2. Bestial Wrath 01:46   Show lyrics
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3. Stench of the Devil Trails 02:28  
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4. Circle of the Damned 02:49  
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5. Hell Gates Are Open 03:24  
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6. In League with Satan (Venom cover) 03:05   Show lyrics
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7. Deathblast (rehearsal) 01:42  
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Beldaroh Bass
Adrian Vocals
Morbid Drums
Empherion Guitars
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Regathered line-up with members of Throneum & Empheris. Recorded at MOK Studio Bytom, Feb.2006. Mixed by Imp at KPD Studio Warsaw, Mar.2006. Mastered by Empherion at Pyramid Studio Warsaw, 06.06.06.

Re-released on CD by Grüft Prodüktion, on 15.06.2007, limited to 333 copies.

Grüft Prodüktion doesn't contain "Deathblast" rehearsal.

Left cover - original Hellish self-release - right cover - Grüft Prodüktion re-release.

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