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Children of Ygg


Release date:
March 28th, 2013
Catalog ID:
Promethean Burn Records
None yet
1. Sonnenrad 04:54   Show lyrics
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2. Service of Shadows 03:49   Show lyrics
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3. Dismantled 03:42   Show lyrics
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4. Othala 03:47   Show lyrics
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5. Ragnarök 01:18   Show lyrics
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6. The Return 04:03   Show lyrics
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7. Cimmeria 02:23   Show lyrics
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8. The Fade 01:30   Show lyrics
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9. In the Midwinter 02:10   Show lyrics
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10. Cross Crusher 03:32  
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11. Deeds of the Master 04:23  
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12. God Song (Bad Religion cover) 01:34   Show lyrics
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Band members
Bill Henderson Guitars
Jesse Traynor Vocals
Pat Henry Bass
Jon Tarella Guitars
Mike Donatelli Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Alan Lathwell Artwork
Alan Lathwell Artwork
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Tracks 1-3: from the Red Dragon sessions.
Tracks 4-6: new tracks, 2012
Track 7: unfinished during the No God to Save You sessions, completed 2012
Tracks 8-9: from the Triumph & Revenge sessions.
Tracks 10-11: originally from the Black Flames demo, 2003. Remastered 2012
Track 12: bonus cover of Bad Religion's "God Song", CD version only

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