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Hatrix > Hatrix
Hatrix - Hatrix

Hatrix discography (all)
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Release date:
November 1993
Catalog ID:
Hate Circle Records
None yet
1. It's Not Hard to Hate 04:25   Show lyrics
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2. Bad Religion 05:44   Show lyrics
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3. No One 05:34   Show lyrics
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4. Status 05:19   Show lyrics
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5. Sick of Myself 03:39   Show lyrics
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6. Joyride 03:46   instrumental
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7. My Asylum 02:06   Show lyrics
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8. Dick's Night Out 03:45   Show lyrics
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9. Donate 06:02   Show lyrics
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10. Attitudes 05:13   Show lyrics
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11. Electric Shock 03:57   Show lyrics
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12. Unnatural Rip 03:25   Show lyrics
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This is the 1993 Collisioncoursewithnoplace demo (tracks 1-6) and the 1990 My Asylum demo (tracks 7-12 with a different track order) issued together on CD.

The song titles from My Asylum are changed or simplified compared to how they appear on the original demo tape. "Electric Shock / Ode to Ben" is listed as "Electric Shock", "Donate...Before it's Too Late!" became "Donate", "Unnatural R.I.P." became "Unnatural Rip" and "Dick's Nite Out" became "Dick's Night Out".

When ordering the discs for this album (black with silver lettering, logos, etc) the pressing plant misprinted them with the colors reversed, but let the band keep both versions. In the future they used these excess discs with new artwork for the "Re-Issue" CD, and leftover original black discs from the same pressing for "Revolution". The back artwork to "Revolution" was created very soon after the self-titled came out, so some of the final copies of the "Hatrix" CD have the alternate "Revolution" back cover art. The original is a yellow and silver sideways Hatrix logo against a blue water-like background, while the "Revolution" version used on the final few copies of "Hatrix" is that same logo recolored to a swirl of purple, white and silver, against a different background which is red and black, the bottom half resembling stone and top half resembling smoke/clouds).

Recording information:

- All songs recorded at Mars Studios in Cleveland, OH.
- Tracks 1-6 recorded in 1993.
- Tracks 7-12 recorded in 1990.

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