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Hate Forest > The Most Ancient Ones
Hate Forest - The Most Ancient Ones

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To Those Who Came Before Us

The Most Ancient Ones

Hate Forest

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Supernal Music
5 reviews (avg. 94%)
Side A
1. To the Thickets and Swamps 04:05  
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2. The Most Ancient Ones 04:53  
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3. Inmost Winter 06:00  
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4. Black Forest 05:07  
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Side B
5. The Elders 05:27  
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6. Darkness 06:27  
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7. The Night of Winter Solstice 06:54  
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8. The Curse 06:22  
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Thurios Vocals, Guitars
Roman Saenko Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Khaoth Drum programming
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The music on this album is a re-recording of "The Curse" demo with altered song order and programmed drums.

Recording information:

Recorded in summer and autumn 2001.

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