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Bloodred Hatred


Release date:
Catalog ID:
SC 054-2
Scarlet Records
4 reviews (avg. 84%)
1. Intro 00:53   instrumental
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2. Believer 04:43   Show lyrics
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3. Hell Is Here 03:44   Show lyrics
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4. Insanity Arise 03:46   Show lyrics
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5. Disbeliever 03:10   Show lyrics
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6. Plague 02:06   Show lyrics
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7. Low Life Vendetta 04:41   Show lyrics
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8. Deeper and Deeper 04:42   Show lyrics
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9. Kicking Ahead 04:10   Show lyrics
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Produced, mixed and engineered by Tommy Hansen and HateSphere.
Recorded at Jailhouse Studio, Horsens, Denmark in May/June 2002.

Japanese edition released by Soundholic contains 2 bonus tracks:

10. Addicted Soul (Demo)
11. Under Water (Demo)

Track 11 taken from "Spring '98" demo back when the band was called Necrosis.
Track 10 taken from the 1999 "Extremity Rising - Vol. 4" compilation, recorded under the Necrosis moniker.

Released in the US, in May 2003, by Century Media containing 2 bonus tracks:

10. Grace (Demo) (04:45)
11. Under Water (Demo) (05:24)

Both taken from "Spring '98" demo back when the band was called Necrosis. The bonus tracks are listed on a front sticker but are missing on the back cover and in the booklet.

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