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Live 06:06:01


Live album
Release date:
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1. Surrogate 07:31  
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2. Body of Light 07:56  
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3. 20,000 Tonnes of Machinery to Smash Matter 06:05  
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4. Filling the Empty Spaces with Cash 04:47  
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5. Untitled 05:27  
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6. Contortion 03:05  
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7. Raping the Raper 05:28  
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Miscellaneous staff
Paul Morris Recording
Paul Morris Recording
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"HALO recorded live in Melbourne, Australia in front of a dozen or so people.. A number typical of our local following back when we played out in Melb.

"The show was supposedly the launch for the ..Implosion album, you can even recognise some songs in amidst the sludge.

"..Turned out pretty damn good, considering it was captured with two cheap dynamics gaffa'd to the ceiling.. Come to think of it, that's not too far from the recording of the actual album."

"Recorded live at the Arthouse, Melbourne, Australia, 2001. Live sound by Paul Morris."

Album re-released as an MP3 file in 2004, also by Embryo Recordings.

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