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1031 a Number of Things


Release date:
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Central City
1 review (avg. 99%)
1. I Confess 03:58  
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2. Vicious Lies 04:36  
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3. Evil Nation 02:38  
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4. Agony 03:08  
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5. Black Skies 05:25  
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6. 11 00:11  
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7. Sudden Death 04:37  
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8. Intoxicated 05:00  
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9. In Darkness 04:40  
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10. Crying for You 03:31  
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11. 1-900 04:41  
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12. 1988 05:32  
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13. The Battle 03:56  
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14. I Scream 03:15  
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15. Take Me 03:00  
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Read 1031, A Number Of Things... 99% kgerych1995 November 6th, 2011

This is an excerpt from an interview with Brian Thomas about the history of this demo:
"That stuff was all just demos and stuff; there was this lost shoebox of cassette tapes… Here's what we did. Every year at this time, we try to put a big stage show for Halloween. We used to play at Harpo's every single year, but ever since GWAR and the Genitorturers came around, they've been playing there, so we've been playing in some smaller venues. Back in 1997, when the original four members of Halloween got back together, we played at J.D.'s McCone Theater, which is now The Emerald, one of the big concert halls here. We played there two Halloweens in a row, but we didn't have money to buy T-shirts and to pay for truck rental and all the incidentals, the road crew, all that stuff. So John and Mikey, the guy who does our special lighting, worked out this 1031 CD. We sold the CDs at the show so that we would have money to pay the road crew, pay for our T-shirts, and all that kind of stuff. I think we originally made 25 or 50 of them, and apparently some of them have made their way to the surface."

Track 15 is an unlisted acoustic bonus track.

Recording information:

Recorded from 1985 to 1990 with different lineups.

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