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Halgadom > Sein und Werden
Halgadom - Sein und Werden
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Sein und Werden


Release date:
April 30th, 2004
Catalog ID:
SK 003
1 review (avg. 56%)
1. Hyperborea 03:11   instrumental
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2. Wenn Sonnenräder leuchten 06:20   Show lyrics
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3. Gott in uns 06:12   Show lyrics
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4. Sonnenwende 05:59   Show lyrics
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5. Weg durch die Zeit 04:00   Show lyrics
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6. Das Hügelgrab 04:37   Show lyrics
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7. Runenkraft 05:19   Show lyrics
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8. Sein und Werden 03:59   Show lyrics
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9. Stahl 03:50   Show lyrics
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10. Totenritus 04:14   Show lyrics
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Marcel Bass, Cello
Stefan Drums
Frank Vocals, Guitars
Eva Vocals (female), Violin
Sebastian Vocals
Read A Split Album in Disguise 56% PigfaceChristus June 4th, 2010

This is the third sound-carrier. Here, the different styles of music of neo-folk and metal-like pagan sounds were melted together. The first 5 songs are presented in the just described way whereas the last 5 ones rather approach a harder line. In contrast to the debut, both music styles were divided into two chapters named GEIST (SPIRIT) and MATERIE (MATTER).

The old version of "Sonnenwende" is available on "Halgadom".

All music and lyrics by Frank Krämer.

Album title translation (from German): Being and becoming
Song title translations (from German):
2. When sun wheels gleam
3. God within us
4. Solstice
5. Way through time
6. The tumulus/burial mound
7. Rune power
8. Being and becoming
9. Steel
10. Rite of death

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