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Silent Screams


Release date:
November 27th, 2006
Catalog ID:
Metal God Records
None yet
1. Silent Screams (demo) 07:20   Show lyrics
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2. Silent Screams (Resurrection) 07:10   Show lyrics
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3. Silent Screams (Live Insurrection) 07:30   Show lyrics
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4. Silent Screams (Live at Rock in Rio III) 07:43   Show lyrics
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5. Silent Screams (video footage at RiR III)   Show lyrics
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Band members
Mike Davis Bass
Rob Halford Vocals
Metal Mike Chlasciak Guitars
Bobby Jarzombek Drums
Roy Z Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Marc Sasso Artwork
Marc Sasso Artwork
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Track 1 is the 1999 demo recording of the song
Track 2 is the Resurrection recording
Track 3 is the Live Insurrection recording
Track 4 is the Rock in Rio III audio recording
Track 5 is the Rock in Rio III bonus video footage

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