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Metal God Essentials: Volume 1


Release date:
November 27th, 2006
Catalog ID:
Metal God Records
3 reviews (avg. 89%)
1. 'Resurrection' (Resurrection 2000/2006) 03:58   Show lyrics
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2. 'Made in Hell' (Resurrection 2000/2006) 04:11   Show lyrics
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3. 'Screaming in the Dark' (Live Insurrection 2001/2006) 03:37   Show lyrics
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4. 'Golgotha' (Crucible 2002/2006) 04:22   Show lyrics
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5. 'Silent Screams' - 1999 Demo (1999/2006) 07:14   Show lyrics
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6. 'Crystal' (Crucible 2002/2006) 04:47   Show lyrics
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7. 'Into the Pit' (New K5 - 1992/2006) 04:34   Show lyrics
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8. 'Nailed to the Gun' (New K5 - 1992/2006) 03:33   Show lyrics
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9. 'Slow Down' (Resurrection 2000/2006) 04:49   Show lyrics
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10. 'Forgotten Generation' (New - 2006) 03:17   Show lyrics
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11. 'Drop Out' (New - 2006) 04:34   Show lyrics
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12. 'Locked and Loaded' (Resurrection 2000/2006) 03:38   Show lyrics
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13. 'War of Words' (New K5 - 1992/2006) 04:56   Show lyrics
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14. 'Sun' (Crucible 2002/2006) 03:49   Show lyrics
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15. 'Trail of Tears' (Crucible 2002/2006) 04:27   Show lyrics
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iTunes exclusive release
The Halford: Metal God Essentials - Volume 1 (2006) iTunes digital pack features: mastered audio, new art by artist Marc Sasso, and expanded liner notes/exclusive media at with your iTunes order number. Bonus era film footage of Halford performing 'Forgotten Generation' is packaged with your full-album iTunes digital download purchase.

Tracks 7, 8, and 13 are demo recordings taken from the Fight K5 sessions.
Tracks 10 and 11 are new tracks and are said to be included on the upcoming Halford album release.

A special limited edition digipack version was released. It is limited to 5000 copies and features embossed limited edition numbering. There is one bonus track and a bonus DVD. The bonus track is:

16. Forgotten Generation (Hypocrisy U.S. Mix) (06:33)

Bonus DVD (HALFORD promotional videos):

01. Resurrection (behind the scenes Rob Halford Vox sessions)
02. Live Insurrection (behind the scenes HALFORD band on tour)
03. Made In Hell (video)
04. Betrayal (Video)
05. In The Morning (video)
06. Silent Screams (Live at Rock In Rio III)
07. Never Satisfied (Live Crucible film)
08. Forgotten Generation (video)

The first pressing of the Japanese edition comes with the DVD and a bonus audio CD:
01. Forgotten Generation (Vendetta Australian And South America Mix) (04:08)
02. Forgotten Generation (Redemption European Mix) (06:35)
03. Forgotten Generation (Resistance Canadian Mix) (04:53)
04. Forgotten Generation (Defiance Japan Mix) (14:12)

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