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Gwar > Slaves Going Single
Gwar - Slaves Going Single
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Slaves Going Single


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Slave Pit Inc.
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1. Drop Drawers 05:55  
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2. Don's Bong Is Gone 05:04  
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3. The Ballad of Vincent Bologlioni 05:15  
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4. Asian People 03:42  
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5. Mexican Prick Fish 06:17  
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6. The Needle 04:52  
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7. B-day Boy 05:13  
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8. Every Little Thing She Do 04:27  
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9. Masturbate 05:50  
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10. White Boy Can't Dance 03:13  
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11. Stuck Us with a Sucka 03:14  
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12. GWAR Babies Cartoon Theme 01:04  
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13. Flesh Column Battle I, II, III & IV 04:52  
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14. My Truck, My Dog and Prison 02:03  
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A collection of rare tracks unreleased on any Gwar full length.

This CD is only available to ``Total Slavery Club`` members, their fan club. Not sold in stores.

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