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Gwar > Return of Techno Destructo
Gwar - Return of Techno Destructo
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Return of Techno Destructo


Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Slave Pit Inc.
None yet
1. Hunter Jackson intro  
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2. Opening credits (Power Rangers theme)  
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3. Techno vs. Tarantulina  
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4. GWAR Must Be Destroyed film (1986)  
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5. GWAR Theme (live 1988)   Show lyrics
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6. Techno Song (live 1989)   Show lyrics
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7. U Ain't Shit (live 1989)   Show lyrics
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8. Cool Place to Park (live 1989)  
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9. Years Without Light (live 1992)  
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10. Gilded Lily (live 1992)   Show lyrics
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11. Horror of Yig (live 1992)   Show lyrics
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12. Voodoo Summoning (live 1992)  
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13. Captain Crunch (live 1992)   Show lyrics
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14. Private Pain of Techno Destructo (live 1992)   Show lyrics
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15. Gor Gor (live 1992)   Show lyrics
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16. Return of Techno Destructo film (1991)  
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17. Surf of Syn (video)  
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This was a Slave Pit VHS release. The name of the tape released in 1996 is also the name of the 1991 short film that is contained within, so there has been some confusion. There were two versions of this tape released (both in 1996) - the only difference in the second one was that some minor mistakes were corrected.

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