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Gurthang > The Thrill of Live Magic
Gurthang - The Thrill of Live Magic
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The Thrill of Live Magic


Live album
Release date:
May 21st, 2001
Catalog ID:
Christcrusher Productions
None yet
1. The Thrill (of an Ancient Magick) 06:07  
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2. Years of Traveling 06:30  
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3. Thinest Hour Hast Come 06:18  
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4. Revenge (At Last) 05:38  
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5. A Tragedy? 06:14  
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6. Servant of Evil (short version) 04:32  
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7. A Tragedy? (studio version) 06:20  
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Arez Angelfire Guitars
Waut Vandenhoeck Bass, Vocals
Myvatn Drums
Brek Guitars
Enuresor Keyboards
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Metal Wrath II-festival, 17th of November 2001
The Avenger (bonus track) is taken from the 3 track promo which the band released the same year. The live tape is limited to 50 copies.

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