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As Seen on TV


Release date:
Catalog ID:
801 5240 697
Myrrh Records
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1. Power of Love   Show lyrics
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2. Shoeshine Johnny   Show lyrics
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3. Way Home Back   Show lyrics
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4. See You in Heaven   Show lyrics
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5. Lead the Way   Show lyrics
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6. This Old Man   Show lyrics
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David Bach Bass
Tony Palacios Guitars
Karl Ney Drums
Jamie Rowe Vocals
Rikk Hart Drums
James Isham Guitars
Paul Cawley Vocals
David Caro Guitars
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As Seen on TV is a look back into the past and a glimpse into the future of Christian rock\'s premiere band. Put on the full armor of God with David, Tony, Karl and Jamie as they trace the history of Guardian from the early 80\'s arena rock sound of LA to the organic hard driving sound that is Guardian today. This video includes never before released footage from the garage band days in LA, and candid interviews with the Guardian wives and families.

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