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Grotesque Ceremonium > Demonic Inquisition
Grotesque Ceremonium - Demonic Inquisition
Grotesque Ceremonium discography (all)
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Demonic Inquisition

Grotesque Ceremonium

Release date:
June 15th, 2016
Catalog ID:
SAT153 / MHP 16-193
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Satanath Records
500 copies
None yet
1. Defiled Spirits of Unholy Torments 04:52  
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2. Demonic Inquisition 06:28  
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3. Burned at the Stake 03:08  
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4. Malefizhaus & Hexengefangnis 05:24  
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5. Barbaric Apostasy 05:49  
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6. Agonized Screams of the Damned 03:53  
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7. In the Cauldrons of Hell 04:47  
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8. Crushing Morbid Death 02:53  
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9. Profanation (Incantation cover) 05:04   Show lyrics
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Batu Çetin Vocals, All instruments
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Co-released with More Hate Productions.

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