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Grind Zero > Mass Distraction
Grind Zero - Mass Distraction
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Concealed in the Shadow
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Demo 2017

Mass Distraction

Grind Zero

Release date:
July 14th, 2014
Catalog ID:
PMZ 114
Mighty Music
None yet
1. Blood Soaked Ground 04:16  
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2. Dislocation 04:24  
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3. War for War 05:09  
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4. Mass Distraction 03:32  
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5. Treacherous Betrayer 04:38  
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6. The Black River 04:25  
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7. Modern Slavery 03:23  
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8. Fucked Up Nation 04:41  
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9. Extra Life Disease 04:24  
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Band members
Alex Colombo Bass
Udo Usvardi Guitars
Mr. D. Guitars
Marco Piras Vocals
Alessandro "Rullo" Durini Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Alessandro Azzali Producer
Alex Colombo Producer
Alessandro Azzali Producer
Alex Colombo Producer
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A music video was made for 'Fucked Up Nation'.

Recording information:

Recorded at Alpha Omega Studio in Como, Italy.


Barcode: 5700907261133

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